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Ohrenberger Parent Council Meeting Notes 10/16/13

The Ohrenberger Parent Council brings parents in the school community together to support the school. Every parent or guardian of an Ohrenberger student is automatically a member of the Ohrenberger Parent Council.

This year’s Leadership team includes Britt Young ; Amy Trueblood, Co-Chairs, Greg Woodbury ; Despina Stavros, Co-Treasurers, and Patty Huska; Cindy Ho, Co-Secretaries.

Ms. Krakow gave an overview of some exciting programs happening at school this fall including:

A new middle school football team funded by a grant from the Play Ball organization. Mr. Gavin took the lead in getting this program at the Ohrenberger. There is an academic performance requirement to participate, student response has been great.
“Girls On Track” is a girls’ running club that has also been well received. This program focuses not only on running, but on health & good-decision making as well.
A woodworking workshop was offered to two elementary classes by a local art program.
Despite troubles with the buses, our 3rd grade Aquarium field trip was a great success.
The “First in Math” online program is being promoted school-wide. As a reward for high participation, classes are being offered themed no-uniform days.
Tufts University is inviting parents to participate in a study focusing on helping kids (ages 9-12) make good decisions regarding substance use. More information on this District-approved study is available at school.

Treasurer Greg Woodbury reported that the first bake sale of this year raised $900. The Parent Group voted to donate $3,000 from the Parent Group account to the school to fund field trip buses this year. Helping to pay for field trip buses will be the focus of our fundraising this year, as each bus costs the school $500.

Upcoming Events (dates and times are tentative- please check the monthly calendar that comes home):

10/28- 11/8 Winter Outerwear Exchange collection- Distribution 11/15-11/18
11/5 Election Day Bake Sale (held at St. Georges Church, West Roxbury)
December: Gently used book collection for ‘Room to Grow’
12/9-12/13 Scholastic Bookfair at the Beethoven
1/20-1/31 ‘Souper-bowl’ Food Drive for the Roslindale Food Pantry
2/8 Arts & Crafts Day for grades 3,4,5 and Beethoven students at the Ohrenberger
4/4 ‘Parents Rock’ Event
4/16 International Night
5/2 Ohrenberger Teacher Appreciation Day
6/5 Field Day for grades 3,4 &5
6/6 Field Day for grades 6,7 &8
These events happen with your participation. Volunteers are always welcome to help plan & run Parent Group events. Please consider contributing your time to help our school.

Reminders: Contributions are still being collected for the Beethoven-Ohrenberger School fund. The school uses this instead of selling candy, gift-wrap, etc. 100% of your donations go straight to our school. Don’t forget to register your Stop & Shop card at school or online to participate in the A+ fundraising program. Box Tops for Education will be collected throughout the year. Please send them in to the school office.